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5 New Unique Kosher Restaurants in Israel (Jerusalem, Herzlia, Ra’anana, and Moshav Bitzaron)

If there aren’t already enough restaurants in Israel to satisfy the Kosher foodie, here are 5 new ones to welcome into the mix! Each of these restaurants boasts a unique characteristic, from freshly-made pasta to a (new) old train station locale. Check ‘em out for yourself: La Pavée – (Jerusalem) A gourmet, Kosher L’Mehadrin French grill […]

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Packing & Preparing for a Winter Trip to Jerusalem, Israel

Having spent a significant amount of time in Israel on and off for the past 14 years, I always relished my time spent in Jerusalem. One thing I did not love was the insane temperature swings that came with winter days in the city. The trick to packing yourself for heading to multiple climates all […]

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Ridiculously Awesome Doughnuts in Israel for Chanukah

By @AmySpiro, Israel correspondent Just about everywhere you turn in Israel during Chanukah you’ll encounter sufganiyot, or doughnuts. Supermarkets, gas stations, convenience stores, and yes, bakeries. And in all those places you can always pick up a powdered sugar-covered, strawberry jelly filled confection. Sometimes even chocolate or caramel filled too. But if you want to […]

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“Village Green” in Jerusalem [Review]

Text and photos by @AmySpiro, Israel correspondent People regularly ask me for restaurant recommendations for a birthday or romantic date in Jerusalem, or what my favorite eatery is. But I almost never answer, or give them the answer they’re looking for, for two reasons. Firstly, I cook at home much more than I eat out, […]

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Help Me Plan My Trip to Israel

This winter I'll be traveling to Israel (thank you really cheap fares from El Al) and want to spend time in Tel Aviv, Eilat, and of course, Jerusalem.  It's unclear as to how long I'm going to spend in each area, but let's assume at least 3-4 days in TA, 2 days in Eilat, and […]

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Navigating & Kosher Options at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station

Article and photos by @AmySpiro On your trip to Israel, even if your home base is Jerusalem, chances are you’ll want to stretch your wings a little and visit the rest of the country. And unless you’re renting a car, you’ll probably end up at the Central Bus Station on Yaffo Road. It’s a busy […]

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“Babette”: A Waffle House in Jerusalem [Review]

By @AmySpiro, Israel correspondent I have a soft spot for restaurants that serve basically just one type of food (see Pasta Basta, for example). I guess it is because I assume that if you specialize in just one food, you must be pretty good at it. (I have since been proved wrong on this, but […]

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Navigating the Jerusalem Shuk

Photos and article by @AmySpiro, Israel correspondent It’s a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world, and with good reason. A trip through Mahane Yehuda, more commonly just called “the shuk,” is an experience like no other, and one you can spend 10 minutes or a whole day completing. I often pass […]

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A Review of “Pasta Basta” in Jerusalem, Israel

Article and photos by @AmySpiro, Israel correspondent There are many restaurants that get their clientele from their locations on main thoroughfares. But it’s the ones hidden away from the public eye – and heard about by way of mouth – that often have the tastiest fare. Such is the case with Pasta Basta, a tiny hole-in-the-wall […]

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Jerusalem Light Rail

Riding the Jerusalem Light Rail / רוכבים על רכבת הקלה בירושלים

Article and photos by @AmySpiro, Israel correspondent for YeahThatsKosher If you haven’t been in Jerusalem in the past year or so, you’ll notice a new, modern addition zooming through parts of the ancient city. That’s the Jerusalem Light Rail. And while residents of the city have been grumbling and moaning about the construction and mess […]

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Finding Kosher Restaurants in Jerusalem’s Old City (Jewish Quarter)

Contributed by: Dani Klein | Last Date of Travel: June 2011 Kosher Info: The title of this post is kind of misleading in that you're definitely going to find kosher places to eat in the Old City. In the Jewish Quarter that is. Don't expect to find anything kosher in the Christian, Muslim, or Armenian […]

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Check out the 7th Annual Jerusalem Beer Festival

The Jerusalem Beer Festival is celebrating its 7th year at the city's historic train station, now a cultural center near Yemin Moshe and Katamon. Over 100,000 liters of more than a hundred brands from all over the world will be offered, mainstream, boutique and local brewed.

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Inbal Jerusalem Hotel to Offer Special Tu B’Av Menu at their Sofia Restaurant

Tu B'Av (ט"ו באב), known locally in Israel as the holiday of love (חג האהבה), or the "Jewish Valentine's Day". For more info on the background of this minor Jewish holiday, click here. The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel is offering diners an unique experience at their Sofia restaurant with a special Tu B'Av menu and dessert. […]

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Kosher Restaurants at the Mamilla Mall, Jerusalem (ממילא, ירושלים)

Sandwiched between the Old City, the city center, and the fancy hotel district (the area with David's Citadel, King David Hotel, and the future Waldorf Astoria) is the magnificent outdoor Mamilla Mall. Not long ago, this area was empty for decades, with nothing more than a parking lot a few years ago. Today, this thin […]

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Roladin, Mamilla Mall, Jerusalem [Review]

Roladin is a delicious bakery/ restaurant/ cafe I had the opportunity of trying on a recent stay in Jerusalem. The restaurant is located at the Mamilla mall, near the Jaffa Gate of the Old City. The place is somewhat pricey for dairy, but well worth it. The restaurant offers a well lit indoor seating area, […]

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Activities in Jerusalem in Honor of Yom Yerushalayim

As Yom Yerushalayaim starts tonight – we celebrate the 44 years since Jerusalem’s reunification in the 1967 6-Day War. Celebrations and festivities around the city will be taking place to commemorate this historic day. Here are some ways you can participate today, tomorrow, or whenever you’re in Jerusalem: March to the Kotel – hundreds if […]

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Jerusalem Marathon and Athletic High Performance Energy Gels

Almost ten thousand athletes from all over the world and Israel are converging on Jerusalem, Israel on Friday, March 25th, to participate in the first ever Jerusalem Marathon; these runners are redefining the term Aliya L’Regel.

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Café Joe opens Kosher branch in #Jerusalem

This article was originally posted to: Jpost Café Joe, which had earned a name for itself among coffee connoisseurs in Tel Aviv, has opened a kosher branch in Jerusalem. When it was established in 1997, Cafe Joe was not much more than a small neighborhood coffee shop on Hahashmonaim Street in Tel Aviv, dishing out […]

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Israel’s Kosher Wineries and their Kosher Restaurants [Listing]

Special thanks to Esther Cohen from MyIsraelWineTours.com for compiling this list, and for her amazing insights into Israel’s Kosher wine scene. CARMEL REGION The Carmel Region – 45 minutes North of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean Coast. Tishbi Estate Winery is technically located in Binyamina on Route 652 (near Zichron Yaakov). Along with being the […]

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Restaurants with Sukkot 2010

CLICK HERE: UPDATED FOR 2013   This list was compiled by our community of Kosher travelers. Thank you to everyone to contributed! (There is no doubt that this list is incomplete. If there are restaurants that are not listed that have a Sukkah, please comment below.) To get YeahThatsKosher updates via email, click here. Find us […]

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Kosher Chinese Restaurants · 洁净中国餐馆 · מסעדות סיניות כשרות

There is now a silly tradition that many Americans hold Christmastime each year… to indulge in Chinese cuisine. Since the Chinese do not celebrate Christmas, like us Jews, their restaurants have no need to take a hiatus on Xmas day. In honor of this wacky tradition, we’ve compiled a list of Chinese restaurants (both sit-down […]

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Open for Passover 2009 in Jerusalem

Jews the world over are traveling around to friends, family, or to new locations this Passover. While it is typically impossible to find kosher restaurants or eateries open for Passover, here are a few that I’ve found that will be open this year on Chol Hamoed (intermediary days of Passover): Note: Israel is an interesting […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Jerusalem, Israel

Contributed by: Dani Klein | Last Date of Visit: June 2006 Kosher Info: As capital of the Jewish state, J-town is filled with kosher eateries in almost every neighborhood. City Center The Ben Yehuda area is filled with all kinds of kosher restaurants: Burgers Bar – amazing huge burgers and great potato cut fries Holy […]

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