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Serengeti: Kosher African Restaurant Opens in Baltimore, MD

Starting this week, you don’t need to fly halfway across the globe to get some authentic African cuisine — all you need to do is drive to Baltimore! Serengeti opened this past Tuesday, under the same ownership as Accents Grill, and will be serving kosher ethnic African food. Accents Grill is under the kashrus supervision of […]

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Easta La Vista Restaurant in Baltimore, MD No Longer Star-K Certified

UPDATE: Hashgacha currently under Rabbi Tzvi Weiss. The Middle-Eastern style restaurant, Easta La Vista in Baltimore, MD is no longer under the kashrus supervision of the Star-K. Easta La Vista serves the classic Israeli/Middel Eastern style food– shawarma, falafel, kebabs, mixed with the American style burgers and salads. Although they are no longer under Star-K supervision, it […]

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Blue Star House of BBQ Now Open in Rockville, MD

Kosher dining options are expanding in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area as the owner of Eli’s (which recently changed locations) opens up a new meat restaurant, Blue Star House of Beef, Burgers, BBQ. Sina Soumekhian, the owner, says he is “trying to combine barbecue flavors with different kinds of hamburgers and sliced beef, all combined into one venue.” […]

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Kosher Restaurant News Roundup USA (Dec ’12 – Jan ’13)

Updates for restaurants in NYC, Baltimore, Miami, Memphis, Las Vegas, and Palo Alto. New York City A new upscale steakhouse will be moving into the former home of Le Carne Grill: La Brochette, which is slated to open in Spring 2013 at 340 Lexington Avenue. There are plans for a possible roof deck, and a […]

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Pomegranate Bistro in Potomac, MD, Closes, Again

For the 2nd time in under a year, Pomegranate Bistro closed it's doors, this time permanently after serving dinner on Sunday, April 29th. The restaurant reopened in January after being closed for 7 months. The owners of the restaurant claimed that the lack of financial success as well as some legal issues forced the restaurant's […]

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Open for Passover Kosher Restaurants [DC Metro Area] 2012

WHY ARE YOU HERE? SEE THE UPDATED 2014 LIST HERE   We’ve been compiling this list for the past few weeks – should there be any restaurants missing from this list from anywhere in the world, please message below or tweet us [@YeahThatsKosher] and we’ll add the restaurants not on the list.   Rockville, MD: […]

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Dougie’s: Closing in Brooklyn, Opening in Great Neck & Baltimore

After more than a decade on 18th Ave on the cusp of Borough Park, Dougie’s will be shutting its doors permanently this Sunday. While the restaurant was able to ride the coattails of the original Dougie’s on the Upper West Side, that too, along with the branch in Queens has since closed. It seems that […]

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The Remaining Kosher Subway Restaurants in the U.S.

Not long ago I compiled a list of Kosher Subway Restaurants across the U.S., which in its heyday numbered 12 across the country, 5 alone in the NYC metro area. Today, all 5 of the NYC area Kosher Subways are closed and only a total of 5 remain open nationally. I was recently interviewed by […]

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Pomegranate Bistro in Potomac, MD to Close Tomorrow

Food was amazing. Restaurant was clean. Locals claim that the food was on par with top level steak houses in NY. Was it expensive? Sure. Perhaps slightly lower price level as Abigail’s in NY. However, located in Potomac – a wealthy Orthodox community in MD – it was in the right area. The local community […]

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Restaurants with Sukkot 2010

CLICK HERE: UPDATED FOR 2013   This list was compiled by our community of Kosher travelers. Thank you to everyone to contributed! (There is no doubt that this list is incomplete. If there are restaurants that are not listed that have a Sukkah, please comment below.) To get YeahThatsKosher updates via email, click here. Find us […]

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Kosher Dunkin’ Donuts across the U.S.

Please see our updated list here (2013)  As today is Donut Day, what better day to announce a comprehensive list (if we missed anything please let us know) of all the Kosher Dunkin’ Donuts in the U.S. Keep in mind that each chain may have varying levels of kosher supervision.

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Sports Arenas & Stadiums

The following arenas and stadiums have kosher food available. Please keep in mind that there are specific locations that have kosher food, and that these options are not necessarily available throughout the stadium. Thank you to Kosher Sports Inc. who provided us with this information. Kosher Sports- Star-K Citi Field in Flushing, NY (New York […]

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Glatt Kosher SUBWAY® Restaurants in the U.S.

While there are nearly 22,000 Subway restaurants in the United States, only a tiny fraction of them are actually Glatt Kosher… the overwhelming majority doesn’t claim to be kosher at all, so be careful. I have eaten at a few of the kosher Subway places and I do admit, it is not my favorite fast […]

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