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Royal Caribbean Cruise Kosher Review [Guest Review]

Having returned from a week long honeymoon cruise on the Grandeur of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) this past summer (July 2014), we wanted to share some advice and tips for kosher/shomer shabbos travelers. This was our second Royal Caribbean cruise together but each of us have been on others and on Carnival before. This specific […]

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“Jalaví” is now “Brooklyn Pizza” in Punta Del Este, Uruguay

The main kosher restaurant serving the Jewish community each summer in the Uruguayan resort town of Punta del Este (known locally as Punta) has recently changed its name to “Brooklyn Pizza” from “Jalaví”. We visited Punta earlier this year (read more here) and enjoyed our experience, as well as the food at Jalaví which is run by […]

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Keeping Kosher in Punta Del Este, Uruguay

After spending a few days in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, getting to understand the culture of the land, we headed off for a relaxing weekend out East. Punta Del Este is a little under 2 hours East of the capital, but serves as the vacation hub for Latin America’s rich & famous and is a […]

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New Chabad in Jamaica Offering Travelers Kosher & Shabbat Options

Jamaica is the latest of 9 Caribbean islands to now have a Chabad presence! Although most of Jamaica’s native Jews live in or near Kingston, Rabbi Yaakov & Mushkee Raskin chose to establish their home in Montego Bay, where most of the resorts and tourists are. Montego Bay was recently connected to Kingston with a new highway, cutting […]

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Guide to Kosher Travel in Montevideo, Uruguay

Earlier this year (end of February) I visited Uruguay on a 10 day trip which started out in the capital city of Montevideo. Having traveled to nearby Buenos Aires a few years back, I was struck by how safe I felt in Montevideo (and in all of Uruguay for that matter) as compared to the time […]

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With the World Cup Brazil 2014 starting this week, all eyes are turned to the biggest country in South America “O maior país do mundo”, as they say in Portuguese. Compiled below are some tips for keeping kosher in Brazil based on my trips and some recent news. (By @MattErlandsen with added info by @YeahThatsKosher) […]

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AIRFARE DEAL: $370 from NYC > Ecuador and $425 from NYC > Peru

For the more adventurous travelers among us who dare to venture past Miami and Las Vegas, flights to Guayaquil, Ecuador, and Lima, Peru, are now available for only $370-$425 roundtrip, including taxes! These fares are up to $400 off regular roundtrip pricing. Check out our earlier posts on Kosher options in Ecuador and Peru, and […]

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New Kosher Restaurant in Cancun, Mexico: Dag Dag

Late last year, a new dairy / fish restaurant opened in Cancun. Dag Dag’s website ( details their menu and prices in English. In doing research on the restaurant, we found one mention – a review of the restaurant from January, which didn’t paint a rosy picture of their service: dagdag kosher in cancun (bring […]

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New Kosher Restaurant Open in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

A kosher restaurant has opened in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The restaurant aptly named Kosher in Paradise is located right near the docks, where 1,000’s of tourists disembark daily. Kosher In Paradise is across the street from the Chabad Welcome Center and is run by Rabbi Levi and Rochel Leah Stein. They serve Paninis, […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Central Peru (Cuzco)

Contributed by Avi Narrow-Tilonsky  |  August 2012   Keeping kosher in Peru is somewhat easier than some other places that I have traveled.  There are two main areas with kosher food available, Cuzco and Lima.   I started my visit in Cuzco, while preparing to go to Machu Pichu.  It is recommended to spend a […]

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Kosher Options @ Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

  While the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas does not have a Kosher kitchen, it is offering a few options for their Kosher consumers, albeit at insane prices: Atlantis carries a limited number of Weberman's frozen kosher entrees for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Breakfast: $30 per item plus 15% gratuity = $34.50 Lunch/Dinner: $40 per […]

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An Update and Tips for Keeping Kosher in Costa Rica

We have recently been informed that the “Kosher” Burger King in Costa Rica is currently under new ownership and is no longer kosher. Here are a few locations that either serve (restaurants) or carry kosher food (ready to eat or other kosher products): AIRPORT in San Jose – “Deli Poás” stands carry Kosher Salami sandwiches […]

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New (Kosher) Resort Open in Anguilla, British West Indies: Ani Villas

Special for readers – Mention the code “YTK” and get 2 free spa/massage treatments. Ani Villas is a new luxury collection of villas on the island of Anguilla in the British West Indies, east of Puerto Rico. The villa estate has 10 bedrooms and 2 villas just steps from the Caribbean beach. The villas […]

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✈ Kosher Travel to São Paulo, Brazil

Contributed by Matt Erlandsen | Last Date of Travel: April 2011 Kosher Info: Higienópolis is the Jewish neighborhood in Sao Paulo. With at least two kosher supermarkets (during Passover you can find all you’ll need in a good price), the ‘Super K’ and ‘All Kosher’ you’ll feel at home. While ‘All Kosher’ is more like […]

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Travel Tips to Belize

My husband and I were recently in Belize on our Honeymoon and wanted to share some Kosher food tips: – It’s true that there is zero kosher food or Jewish life found in Belize. We were in touch with the next closest thing- the Chabad in Guatemala. The Rabbi was very nice and helpful (put […]

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Kosher Cruising on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – With Baby in Tow

Contributed by Erica W. | Last Date of Travel: February 2011 I am platinum of Royal Caribbean, so I always tend to favor their cruises because of that. We decided to book a cruise out of Miami for February, and because of our baby who was just under 10 months at the time, we decided […]

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Keeping Kosher on Norwegian Cruise Lines

Contributed by: Jason Schoenbrun | Dates of Travel: Jan 2008 & Jan 2010 Kosher Info: On my 2008 trip, Norwegian Cruise Lines had a kosher menu of sealed hechshered items and double-wrapped items. The latter consisted mostly of fish, but 1 was chicken. We asked to see the packaging, and sure enough it was Purdue […]

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King Solomon Kosher Resort – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic [Review]

Contributed by: Anonymous Couple from Connecticut, USA | Last Date of Travel: January 2011 » The following is an account from a frum Jewish couple’s recent trip to this resort. We value their privacy as they preferred to remain anonymous, but found their feedback and insights very helpful on this program and resort. Having just […]

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✈ Nassau, Bahamas

Contributed by: Ruchie Schwartz | Last Date of Travel: January 2011 Kosher Info: I just recently returned from a 6-day trip to Nassau, in the Bahamas, which included Shabbat, and was glad I came prepared. As far as I know, the Bahamas does not have a Jewish population and therefore does not cater to the […]

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✈ Cozumel, Mexico

Contributed by Efrat | Author lives in Cozumel Kosher Info: The only kosher food available in Cozumel is at Jerusalem Kosher Bar & Grill Restaurant. The restaurant is located in the downtown area of Cozumel (about 5 blocks from the ferry pier) on the second floor of the Forum Shops building. The restaurant offers Glatt […]

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✈ Valparaíso, Chile

Contributed by: Matt Erlansen | Author lives in Chile Kosher Info: Finding kosher food in Valparaíso can be hard. Besides the packed OU food in big supermarkets (Lider and Jumbo can have some products under orthodox supervision), it’s almost impossible to get anything else. We recommend you to bring your food from Santiago and check […]

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Exotic Cuisine in Buenos Aires – “ASIAN” [Review]

“One of my favorite kosher restaurants in the world.” ~Dani Many people have been contacting me about tips of things to see, do, and eat in Buenos Aires. After my trip there last fall I had the opportunity to taste much of what Kosher Buenos Aires has to offer, which was a lot. I blogged […]

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Insane! Unlimited Flights for a Month on JetBlue: “AYCJ” – all over the U.S. & Carribean

JetBlue is at it again … and I wish I could take advantage of this. That doesn’t mean that you can’t! JetBlue is offering “AYCJ” or All You Can Jet – unlimited travel for 30 days anywhere the airline flies for one low price. Purchasing the AYCJ Pass can be done online only at […]

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✈ Santiago, Chile

Contributed by: Matt Erlandsen | Author resides in Santiago, Chile Kosher Info: When it comes to think about kashrut in this corner of the world, you won't believe that Chile actually has a wide array of places to dine out. The cuisine varies with options from sushi houses to Mexican food to shwarma and pizza. […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contributed by: Dani Klein | Last Date of Visit: November 2009 Kosher Info: Buenos Aires (a.k.a. BsAs) has the largest Jewish community in Latin America, so it is not shocking that we found plenty of kosher food throughout the city. Argentina is known the world over for their meat, kosher and non-kosher, and the rumors […]

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✈ Cancun, Mexico

Contributed by Elina Rokhkind  |  Last Date of Travel: February 2010 Kosher Info: Your choice of eating kosher in Cancun (unless you are staying in one of the kosher resorts over Passover) is either ordering catered meals from Chabad or bringing your own food (though no beef or fresh produce allowed into Mexico), which you […]

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Buenos Aires, Argentina >> Focus on Kosher McDonalds

This is the only Kosher McDonalds in the world outside of Israel. Buenos Aires is known for it’s meat and the McDonald’s does not disappoint. Totally different flavors than what we’re used to in the U.S., but the kosher McDonalds is definitely worth the visit. What’s crazy about this place is that the Abasto Mall […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Acapulco, Mexico

Contributed by: Yosef Haas  |  Last Date of Travel: January 2008 I visited Acapulco for five days in January 2008 with my wife at the suggestion of friends. Having access to a kosher restaurant was important to us, so we were very excited to be staying in a hotel with kosher food on premises. We […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Ixtapa, Mexico

Contributed by: Lisa Damast  |  Last Date of Travel: February 2007 I ditched a week of classes in chilly Boston and went with my sister to sunny Ixtapa in Mexico for a few days instead. We knew we were going to be there for 4 days from Monday through Thursday and that there wouldn’t be […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Contributed by M.A. | Last date of Travel: January 2008 Kosher info: There are no kosher restaurants in the Galapagos Islands, not even vegetarian or vegan ones. The only options for the kosher traveler are to go with an organized tour, like, or to bring along food. Fresh produce is available at the market […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in San Juan, PR

Contributed by: Paul Hurwitz | Last Date of Travel: December 2006 Most tourists staying in San Juan actually stay in the nearby suburb of Carolina, which is near the airport. Kosher Info: The San Juan area does not have any kosher restaurants. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any options. Because PR is […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Martinique

Contributed by George Medovoy | Last Date of Travel: July 2008 Kosher Info: You might not think of ever finding kosher food on the island of Martinique, a far-flung French outpost in the Caribbean archipelago with an eternal summer and an infectious African-Creole culture. But don’t be fooled — Martinique is also home to a […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in San Jose, Costa Rica

Contributed by: Linda Rosenberg Minkow | Last date of travel: October 2007 Kosher Info: The first thing I recommend if you are going to Costa Rica is make sure to plan in advance! There are kosher options for tours from or through, but you have to call in advance to arrange it. And […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Havana (Habana), Cuba

Contributed by: Noam Hazan | Last Date of Travel: June 2008 Kosher Info: If you’re planning a trip to Cuba anytime soon and you prefer not to starve then I would suggest you plan your trip very carefully! Prawns, lobster and calamarimay look appetising but they are not very kosher! You have two options: 1: […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Belize

Contributed by: Karen Kest | Last Date of Visit: January 2008 Kosher Info: Almost all the supermarkets have kosher American products, except for meats and cheeses. You can find almost anything including yogurts, cereal, crackers, bread, pickles, and tons of snacks to munch on. Tourist Info: If you are looking for a gorgeous seaside vacation, […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Guatemala

Contributed by: Karen Kest | Last Date of Visit: January 2008 Kosher Info: Kosher products, as well as any actual food products, are a rare commodity in Eastern Guatemala. However, fruit (which is all unbelievably delicious), steamed vegetables, rice and beans are available, and in abundance. Many of the restaurants/huts that serve food only cook […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Aruba

Contributed by: Dani Klein | Last Date of Travel: June 2007 Kosher Info: Kosher restaurants did exist at one point, but in our week there, none was to be found. American institutions like Baskin Robbins / Dunkin Donuts exist near the major hotels, but that is about it. We had to bring our own pot […]

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