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SIM Card for Israel Rental: $5/day, Unlimited!

Unlimited Israel has taken the pain out of renting a phone or related devices for your next Israel trip. They only offer top quality products for you to take with you to Israel, and easy to understanding pricing. For a limited time get 5% your next order.

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Rent or Buy? Complete Guide to Israel Cell Phones & SIM Cards for Travelers

Last year I wrote about your options for renting a cell phone in Israel and I’m realizing, as I prepare for my next trip to Israel this winter, that I’ve oversimplified a very complex issue. The more research I’m doing, the more complex I’m realizing the landscape of options actually is for travelers to Israel. […]

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Taking/Renting a Cell Phone and Similar Devices to Israel

Traveling to Israel is something people do for vacation, business, visiting friends and family, as a student, or to attend a simcha. One of the things that nowadays is impossible to live without while traveling to Israel is your cell phone (mobile for you Brits and Aussies here). This is especially true if you get […]

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