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Montreál’s Cafe Dizengoff No Longer Kosher

A notice by the Montreal Kosher (MK) kashrut agency yesterday stated that Cafe Dizengoff is no longer under their hashgacha. MK is the main kashrut agency of Montreal, so it seems that this restaurant is no longer kosher.

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Mega Burger: First Kosher Food Truck in Montréal!

The owners of Mega Burger, a recently opened burger place in Montreal, don’t waste any time! Kosher-keeping Montreal is hungry, and Doudou Dahan and Amir Toledano are going to feed them! A sister to their new restaurant, Mega Burger, a new Kosher food truck with the same name, will debut this Sunday (October 13) at […]

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2 Kosher Montreal Restaurants Hit By Firebombs This Past Weekend

Over this past weekend 2 kosher restaurants in Montreal were firebombed by makeshift molotov cocktails: Café Shalom on Friday, a private home on Saturday (a Jewish home in the Cote St. Luc suburb), and Chops Resto Bar early Sunday morning.  Café Shalom and Chops are down the block from one another on Queen Mary Rd. 30 people […]

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Kosher Restaurants and Travel in Montreal, QC, Canada

Montreal is a beautiful city, that feels as if you taken a trip to Europe as opposed to crossing the Canadian border. From the old town to the Latin Quarter there is a lot to see and do. Plus, due to the large Jewish suburban population there is plenty of nearby kosher food (i.e. not much in the city).

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Open for Passover Kosher Restaurants [Montreal] 2012

WHY ARE YOU HERE? SEE THE UPDATED 2014 LIST HERE Should there be any restaurants missing from this list from anywhere in the world, please message below or tweet us [@YeahThatsKosher] and we’ll add the restaurants not on the list.   Montreal: Ernie & Ellie, 6900 Decarie Blvd. (Decor De’Carie Square- enter through Venezia) (514) […]

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Restaurants with Sukkot 2010

CLICK HERE: UPDATED FOR 2013   This list was compiled by our community of Kosher travelers. Thank you to everyone to contributed! (There is no doubt that this list is incomplete. If there are restaurants that are not listed that have a Sukkah, please comment below.) To get YeahThatsKosher updates via email, click here. Find us […]

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9 Days Menus

As we know, eating meat is considered festive and therefore forbidden (without a siyum) during the 9 days. Thus, many meat restaurants have created special pareve (non meat or dairy) menus to stay open during the 9 Days. To learn more about why we don’t eat meat (or drink wine) during the Nine Days, click […]

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Open for Passover 2009 in North America

Jews the world over are traveling around to friends, family, or to new locations this Passover. While it is typically impossible to find kosher restaurants or eateries open for Passover, here are a few that I’ve found that will be open this year on Chol Hamoed (intermediary days of Passover): New York | Miami | […]

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✈ Keeping Kosher in Montreal, QC

Contributed by: Josh Margo | Last Date of Travel: May 2008 Kosher Info: One of the few cities that really goes above and beyond a great Jewish experience. As there is so much Kosher food available I will just highlight a few spots which are my favorites. Restaurants: If you are in the mood for […]

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