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9 Common Kosher Traveler Questions Answered

The following questions were tackled by OU’s Kashrut team (of 5 rabbis), and includes some of our notes within.   Q: Can one eat in an ice cream or yogurt store product that has been scooped from a container that bears OU certification? In some instances, the OU certifies an entire store. In such cases, the OU […]

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11 Tips to Get Better Sleep While Flying

Recent research has concluded that there are definitive ways that we can take steps to sleep well on a plane.

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Israel Travel on a Budget: Keeping Kosher @ Israel’s Hostels

Submitted by: Ben Julius In recent years, Israel’s hostel scene has seen something of a renaissance. The big, characterless, youth hostels of the past have joined with an ever-growing collection of fun, friendly, and international-style hostels catered towards budget-independent travelers. From Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, to the furthest depths of the Negev, the Galilee, and even the Golan Heights, new, […]

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Change Your Flights to Israel at No Cost* Due to “Operation Protective Edge”

Wishing the safety and security of all of our brothers and sisters in Israel. El Al and other airlines flying to and from Israel are not halting their flights into and out of Ben Gurion due to Hamas’ rocket attacks and Israel’s Operation Protective Edge response. Additionally, some airlines are allowing passengers who have already […]

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Kosher Food Found @ YYZ (Toronto’s Pearson Airport)

A YTK reader found kosher sandwiches in Terminal 3 at Pearson Airport in Toronto yesterday. Grodzinski’s, a COR supervised bakery in Toronto, is supplying sandwiches with roast beef, pastrami, brisket, cream cheese, and tuna options. There is also a choice of tuna, or roasted vegetable and hummus wraps. Additionally, you can find kosher danish pastries, […]

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Kosher Travel Guide to Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Kona, and more

By Alon @Asefovitz with additional contributions from @BethanyShondark Firstly, congratulations on making one of the best travel choices you will ever make by booking a trip to Hawaii. Whether you got an amazing deal through a glitch in the airlines system (**cough, Delta cough**), used up some of those hard earned airlines miles, or just […]

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New Kosher Bed & Breakfast in Lisbon, Portugal

Aside from the strong association with your high school Jewish history class, Portugal is a beautiful country, and now that there is a kosher bed & breakfast, kosher travelers can tour the country with ease. This kosher bed & breakfast is a 5 minute walk from the nearby synagogue. The apartment can comfortably accommodate 1-4 […]

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Kosher Travel Meals: A Complete Guide of Options

Whether you are getting away for Yeshiva Break, escaping the next “polar vortex”, getting away for Pesach, or just taking a weekend getaway with your significant other, we wanted to help all the would be vacation-ers out by providing a list of all of the available On-The-Go kosher meals to make your holidays that much […]

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Finally! A European Kosher Product Database

The Conference of European Rabbis recently launched an online database with a comprehensive list of all the kosher food products in Europe! This is the first time that all approved products have been brought together in one place, and the first electronic list, so it easily accessible to anyone! For all kosher travelers, this will […]

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Review of “Delicious Israel” Tours in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Written by: Eric Heine  /   Edited by: Talia Rona Most people like to do big things for their milestone birthdays, and I am no different. This year, my only problem was coming up with a good enough idea. Those who know me know that I have a passion for wine, food, cooking and diving.  Therefore, […]

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Why All Travelers (and Urbanites) Should Download UBER to their iOS or Android Devices (updated)

UPDATE: Receive $20 credit for your first Uber ride if used by Jan 20th, 2014.  Sign up to Uber using this link.     The other night I attended the opening of a new kosher restaurant in NYC. As an invited guest on their press list, I was seated with my fellow kosher (media) colleagues and served privately […]

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Free WiFi in Tel Aviv = Happy Tourists!

Tel Aviv is setting up 80 WiFi hot spots at local beaches, parks, and other tourist attractions around the city!  Ron Huldai, the mayor of Tel Aviv, stated that the city was a “leader in innovation” in this 21st century era where free internet access is an almost expected basic service. If you are around […]

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HOT DEAL: JFK to TLV for $684 Round Trip in Jan-Mar 2014!

We found fares going from JFK to Israel from mid January 2014 through the beginning of March 2014 for $684 round trip via Turkish Airlines with a stop-over in Istanbul (IST). Maybe people ask about the safety of flying via Turkey on this airline. Turkish Air is a perfectly safe airline and thousands of religious Jews […]

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Ft. Lauderdale Airport (FLL) Offering Kosher Meals

Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services, and award-winning Chef Allen Susser, will introduce the first kosher meal offerings at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) beginning Sept. 24. The pre-packaged turkey and tuna-salad sandwiches will be available at Chef Allen’s 2 Go restaurant located in Terminal 3, Concourse F, the concourse served in part by JetBlue airways. In 2012, 23.5 […]

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TSA: OK to Travel with Lulav & Etrog; Expect a Thorough Inspection

From the JTA:  U.S. authorities released travel guidelines for Sukkot. “TSA’s screening procedures do not prohibit the carrying of the four plants used during Sukkot – a palm branch (lulav), myrtle twigs (hadasim), willow twigs (aravot), and a citron (etrog) – in airports, through or security checkpoints, or on airplanes,” the Transportation Security Administration said […]

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Why You Should Get the Chase Freedom Card

CHASE FREEDOM SIGN UP LINK I haven’t really blogged about credit cards often, although I should since they’re a huge aid to the frequent (and even occasional) traveler. One of the credit cards that both my wife and I use regularly, and that I have been recommending to friends personally, is the Chase Freedom card. […]

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Q: Are GLATT KOSHER Meals Necessary on El Al Flights?

Recently, there were numerous conversations that took place on Facebook asking “Is Glatt Kosher necessary on El Al?” The question is an interesting one considering that ALL the food on El Al is supposedly kosher. I recently flew El Al (in December) and I automatically ordered a kosher meal (without thinking – that’s my knee jerk […]

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Airlines Flying Direct to Israel – Non-Stop Flights to TLV

I recently received an email detailing that they wanted to fly direct to Israel since they had kids and thus were going to fly El Al (from the NY area I presumed). This is perplexing considering that there are 3 airlines that fly direct from the US to Israel. In case you were wondering, and […]

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Things to do in NYC on Xmas … if you’re Jewish

Christmas in NYC is something we Jews all joke about. Day off from school or work, and actually things to do (unlike London which totally shuts down!). Here are a few palces to eat, and things to do! (If I left any out, please comment below. Would love to hear your ideas!) First, the kosher […]

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6 Best Winter Destinations for 2013

The arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere doesn't have to mean months of being stuck indoors. Many kosher travelers head down south towards warmer climates as soon as the thermometer hits below 70°F, while others hit the slopes to breathe in the cool air and cut loose in fresh snow. Here are five fantastic […]

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AMEX Membership Rewards Points Now Instantly Transfer to EL AL Matmid Points

Until now there had been a delay in having your American Express Membership Rewards points appear in your El Al Matmid account, thus delaying the possibility of booking a flight right away. Now, that issue is resolved, as discussed here on the AMEX MR website.   ALSO: For new El Al Matmid registrants, be sure […]

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EL AL Faux Pas: Serving MEAT Meals During the 9 Days

One of our avid readers arrived yesterday at JFK airport in NYC for her flight to Israel on El Al Airlines. She asked the check-in desk attendants about the kosher meals in-flight and was informed that her meal (and her friend's meal) was in fact a fleishig (meat) meal. While this may not be […]

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Jerusalem Light Rail

Riding the Jerusalem Light Rail / רוכבים על רכבת הקלה בירושלים

Article and photos by @AmySpiro, Israel correspondent for YeahThatsKosher If you haven’t been in Jerusalem in the past year or so, you’ll notice a new, modern addition zooming through parts of the ancient city. That’s the Jerusalem Light Rail. And while residents of the city have been grumbling and moaning about the construction and mess […]

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Flying During the Holiday Season; Knowing When to Travel

Before I travel anywhere, I tend to do a lot of research online. I check multiple sites (although I basically live on, compare prices, times of flights, stopovers, etc. I change the dates, tinker with the airports, and finally come up with the best itinerary for hard earned dollars (or in my most recent […]

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8 Tips for Traveling with an Infant

As an avid traveler I was worried that having a baby would cramp my travel style. My wife and I vowed that we would not let having a baby change our desire. Since our son was born, we’ve taken him on 2 short road trips from NY: Atlantic City, NJ in the dead of winter […]

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A Kosher Workaround to Starbucks’ Frappuccin​o

Ever since learning that the mix in Starbucks’ Frappuccino isn’t kosher I’ve been really sad. While I’m not a daily coffee drinker, it’s a beverage I used to love during summers for a cold pick-me-up. Last week, I found myself in the need of such a drink and remembered that I had to opt for […]

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Requesting a Special “9 Days” Meals While Traveling

Starting this Sunday night (July 31st, 2011) the custom is to refrain from eating meat during the Nine Days of Av (except on Shabbat). According to the Beth Din of Johannesburg, “those who do not wish to eat meat in their kosher airline meals, must specifically request a kosher fish meal – most airlines will […]

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TRAVEL TIPS: Protecting Yourself When Renting an Apartment or Vacation Rental Overseas

Over the past few years, I’ve taken a few international trips with my wife to South America and Europe, and this year to Israel, and in each location, we have preferred (partially for economical reasons) to rent an apartment, condo, studio, and even a private room in a hostel for the majority of our stay […]

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Using a Prepaid Calling Card to Call Israel from the U.S.

Amid the varied edible offerings of bodegas everywhere, is a non-food product that I have come to use on occasion over the years. Prepaid phone cards… I recently needed to call Israel from my office and did not want to charge it to my company, so I scoured the internet for the best rates, read […]

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Chabad House in Christchurch, New Zealand Destroyed in Earthquake; Young Israeli Traveler Killed

Update (2/25/11): 24-yr-old Israeli, Ofir Mizrachi, is reported to have been killed when masonry fell on the car in which he was travelling with three other Israelis. 12 other Israeli nationals are still reportedly missing after the recent earthquake. — This is very sad news coming from New Zealand which just suffered a major 6.3 […]

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Keeping Kosher on Norwegian Cruise Lines

Contributed by: Jason Schoenbrun | Dates of Travel: Jan 2008 & Jan 2010 Kosher Info: On my 2008 trip, Norwegian Cruise Lines had a kosher menu of sealed hechshered items and double-wrapped items. The latter consisted mostly of fish, but 1 was chicken. We asked to see the packaging, and sure enough it was Purdue […]

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King Solomon Kosher Resort – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic [Review]

Contributed by: Anonymous Couple from Connecticut, USA | Last Date of Travel: January 2011 » The following is an account from a frum Jewish couple’s recent trip to this resort. We value their privacy as they preferred to remain anonymous, but found their feedback and insights very helpful on this program and resort. Having just […]

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Where to go (or not to go) for Yeshiva Week Vacation (Winter Break)

It’s that time of year, when Orthodox Jewish families take vacation when their kids in yeshivas are off from school (that ranges between the last couple weeks of January through mid-February [including Presidents Week – third Monday in Feb]). The decision to (or not to) go to the locations I mention below will depend on […]

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Travel Warning to Turkey

Israelis, and Jews the world over have enjoyed traveling to & around Turkey for the past decade or more due to exceptional Israeli – Turkish relations in the region. However, due to last month’s flotilla incident, Israel’s National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau (NSCCTB) has issued a travel warning to Israelis planning trips to Turkey. In […]

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Keeping Kosher at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

For those enduring the long trek to South Africa to enjoy the 2010 World Cup, you’ll be pleased to know that kosher food is plentiful on the southern tip of the African continent. Hopefully you’ll be attending games in either Cape Town or Johannesburg (locally known as Jo-berg) where the majority of the South African […]

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Keeping Kosher at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Enjoying the Vancouver Olympic Games but can’t find what to eat? Thankfully, there is some kosher food in Vancouver to keep you satiated and perhaps titillate your taste buds. There are at least 5 kosher eateries in the Vancouver area (although none are downtown): Sabra Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Bakery (3844 Oak Street) [Meat] Pini’s […]

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Packing for the Kosher Traveler

Later tonight I’m heading on a super long trip with my wife to Argentina. While Buenos Aires is known for having tons of food, a stopover in Mexico City and a total travel time of 18 hours makes our trek extremely long and tiring. To ensure that we will have enough food for our travel […]

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Kosher Travel finds at KosherFest 09

Last week I was fortunate enough to have attended KosherFest 2009. This was my second year in row at the convention, and I learned from my mistakes last year: don’t eat too much or you’ll get majorly nauseous, and only eat meat in the last 3 hours of your day otherwise you’ll miss out on […]

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Five Strategies for Finding Cheap Airfares in 2009

I found that this site often has great tips for travelers, especially those of us who need to get away, but can’t always afford the expensive airfares.  Enjoy. ~Dani From by Molly Feltner, Staff – January 19, 2009 Last year was rough for the airline industry. In response to the recession and jet […]

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Holiday Travel Alerts & Warnings

While everyone should heed the recent warnings in India, Thailand, Nicaragua, and in NYC, as Jews we need to take extra caution. Here are a few alerts or warnings that if you are traveling this holiday, please take notice! India 11/26/08 — There have been a series of blasts in a number of sites around […]

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Cheap flights to Israel from U.S.

According to flights from Boston’s Logan Airport to Tel Aviv are under $900 which includes taxes and fees. This must be booked by Tuesday, December 2nd. Flights are on Alitalia, and I assume it’ll have a stopover in Italy. By booking your travel through sponsored links on you are helping our website. Please […]

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TRAVEL TIPS: Top 10 tips for “Kosher” Backpackers

Contributed by Mirie Wiesenberg You can be kosher and travel anywhere… it just takes a little planning and a lot of creativity. Packing light can be a challenge with all the extra Jewish things you are going to need: tfillin, Shabbat clothes, spare food, but no worries you can do it, but one Shabbat outfit […]

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KosherFest 2008, Secaucus, NJ

Kosherfest is similar to other conventions held at any other convention center. The only difference, kosher food. Wait, wait, FREE Kosher food. The sound of that makes any observant Jew grin with glee. I held the same feeling walking in to the exhibition hall, waiting to try all these new kosher goodies. Walking into Kosherfest […]

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Want to be in DC for the Inauguration?

While YeahThatsKosher is not a political website, and does not take any partisan views, we would like to let people know about this deal, should you be interested. For those fervently interested in witnessing Obama's inauguration into the presidency, it will take place in Washington D.C. on January 20th, 2009. is offering a special […]

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TRAVEL TIPS: Top 10 tips for Backpackers

This is a re-post from CheapOair’s blog: Traveling abroad excites most of us, but it can be difficult to read situations in another country, with its different languages and customs. So, whether you’re a young traveler or a retiree, there are a few more things apart from passport, tickets and packing your bags, you […]

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