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2 End of Summer Trips: Los Angeles & Philly [Restaurant Report]

In the last week I took two trips, one locally by car to Pennsylvania, and later flew to LA for work. On both trips I made sure to taste as much as possible from the local kosher restaurants, and may have gained some weight in the process. Here’s my kosher restaurant report based on my meals, […]

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Huntridge Soda Fountain, Las Vegas, NV [Review]

Before this year I had never been to Vegas. Back in February, I spent a long weekend there with my wife and compiled a list of all the Kosher restaurants in Las Vegas. Or at least I thought. Last month I was back in Vegas for a business trip and was notified about this little known […]

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Butterfish: [New York, NY] Kosher Restaurant Review

During a special 9 Days tasting, I got to experience where Japanese fish go to heaven and Omakase for the first time.

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REVIEW: Nobo Wine & Grill (Teaneck, NJ)

Many Jewish people I know enjoy going out to dinner on Christmas Eve, myself included. However, instead of eating the “traditional” Chinese food, I decided to step it up a notch and embarked upon a trip to New Jersey (that’s right- New Jersey!) to try Nobo Wine & Grill in Teaneck.

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Zak the Baker, Miami, FL [Guest Review]

Zak and his fellow bakers are a Kickstarter success story. They set out to raise the final monies needed to open up there bakery, and they did so very quickly.

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Review: Pitopia West (NYC)

Last week, Pitopia opened it’s 2nd midtown location, the newest one across the street from B&H Photo, which employs many kosher observant Jews. While the location is a mere 10 minute walk from its original location off of Broadway, this store was completely different. Besides the ambiance, which is not as bright (in a good […]

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Kosher Travel Guide to Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Kona, and more

By Alon @Asefovitz with additional contributions from @BethanyShondark Firstly, congratulations on making one of the best travel choices you will ever make by booking a trip to Hawaii. Whether you got an amazing deal through a glitch in the airlines system (**cough, Delta cough**), used up some of those hard earned airlines miles, or just […]

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A First-Timer’s Review of #KFWE2014: Kosher Food & Wine Experience 2014

By: Talia Rona, YTK Editor As a passionate kosher foodie, I was more than happy to represent at the Kosher Food & Wine Experience (KFWE) this year, since Dani was in Uruguay for the week. You can read Dani’s previous KFWE posts here.   For those of you who are unfamiliar, KFWE is an […]

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Odradeks Coffee House and Wine Bar, Kew Gardens, Queens, NY [Review]

One Saturday night this past fall, my wife and I wanted a night out that wasn’t expensive, just enjoyable. She had heard about this cute kosher cafe in Queens that wasn’t typical, and we decided to check it out. Odradeks Coffee House and Wine Bar is located in Kew Gardens, literally in the LIRR train […]

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Review of “Delicious Israel” Tours in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Written by: Eric Heine  /   Edited by: Talia Rona Most people like to do big things for their milestone birthdays, and I am no different. This year, my only problem was coming up with a good enough idea. Those who know me know that I have a passion for wine, food, cooking and diving.  Therefore, […]

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Chagall Bistro, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY [Review]

Review by Arielle Klein  [Check out the YeahThatsKosher Instagram feed for more photos from this meal] Chagall Bistro was one of those places Dani & I were dying to try but just weren’t getting to. I was set on having a nice date night there on a weekday, even though Saturday night was looking more […]

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Reviewing 2 Kosher Restaurants in Eilat, Israel

Written by: Eric Heine (Last Date of Travel: Summer 2013) // Edited by: Talia Rona For the many Israelis and tourists who choose to go down to Southern Israel for a vacation, it is slightly upsetting to learn that it can be difficult to find kosher restaurants in Eilat.  However,  the good news is most, if not […]

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Mason & Mug Review (Brooklyn, NY)

The brand new Mason & Mug just opened in the past 2 weeks in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn and despite the multiple posts I’ve already written about them, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect… beyond good food (as I’ve eaten Itta Roth’s food at The Hester a few times before). I paid a visit on […]

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Review: Treat House on the Upper West Side (NYC)

Post by Talia Rona, YTK Editor Yesterday, I stopped by  Treat House on the Upper West Side in NYC while walking down Amsterdam Avenue to see what all the hype is about. In my opinion, Treat House is a kind of like a “Rice Krispies treat” version of Crumbs. The woman behind the counter was […]

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New Kosher Asian Restaurant in 5 Towns: “Noodles”

Less than 4 weeks ago in mid-August, Noodles opened on Central Avenue in Cedarhurst, NY, next door to the new Pizza’le – replacing Sabra Pizza and Ruthie’s. What makes “Noodles” different from most Asian cuisine kosher restaurants, is the in-house hand-made pasta or noodles that go into every dish. When ordering from Noodles, you can […]

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Kosher in Capri, Italy: Terrazza Tiberio [Guest Review]

As we began planning our trip to the Amalfi coast, our travel agent told us that there was a Kosher restaurant housed in a lovely hotel in Capri just a short walk from where we would be staying. Thrilled, curious, and amazed we requested she please book our Shabbat meals there. Because my husband is […]

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Top 15 Kosher Restaurants in Paris, France

With so many kosher restaurants in Paris, how do you know where to go? Well, here are 15 hand selected kosher restaurants for you to try on your next trip to Paris.

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Masago Asian Fusion, 5 Towns, NY (Review)

I recently took my wife for a date night and we ended up at the new Masago Asian Fusion in Woodmere, NY (5 Towns). From the outside, the restaurant is a striking bright red, which I found refreshing for a kosher restaurant. The multiple glass doors were kept open due to the beautiful weather, giving […]

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Aderet Restaurant, Dallas, TX [Guest Review]

Post by Yosef Silver With weather delaying my flight into Dallas, my first meal at Aderet was take-out.  I called as I waited for my rental car and asked for a recommendation and was very happy with the kebabs, rice, salad and hummus that I received.  The service impressed me much more than the restaurant’s website […]

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High-End Burgers Flood New York Kosher Restaurants

In this week’s Jewish Week newspaper, I wrote an article about the deluge in kosher restaurants in NYC focusing on high-end burgers. (Click here to read the article). The catalyst behind the article were my recent meals at Amsterdam Burger Co. (ABC), Le Marais, and Mr. Broadway, coupled with the news that Teaneck’s Gotham Burger […]

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Best Kosher Vegetarian Restaurants in Jerusalem

If you’re a kosher traveler arriving to Jerusalem, you’ve pretty much arrived at kosher food mecca. It’s no surprise that finding kosher food in the holy city is as likely as bumping into your childhood friend on Ben Yehuda St. But what if you have more than one dietary restriction, like being a vegetarian? While most “dairy” restaurants […]

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Pizza Da Solo, NYC (Review)

We announced not long ago that the owners of the Prime Grill restaurants, which include Solo, would be launching a new dairy restaurant, a take-out pizza joint. Not only is this the first dairy location the group has launched, but it’s the first one that doesn’t even have seating. It is also the first and […]

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Odelya, Tel Aviv [Review]

Review by: @ArielleKlein Looking for a great, homestyle restaurant that you can take the whole family to in Tel Aviv? Then look no further than Odelya. It is an affordable place that serves delicious Sephardic delicacies. The cuisine ranges from Libyan to Moroccan to Tunisian. One of my favorite things about this place is how […]

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Sacred Chow, New York, NY [Guest Review]

For someone that has never lived in, and rarely visits, New York City, Sacred Chow offers the quintessential NY vibe that I hoped I would find when I came to town. The kosher-vegan restaurant is nestled between a shoe repair store and a hookah store at 227 Sullivan St in the SoHo neighborhood.  I walked […]

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The Best Desserts at KFWE 2013

I’ve been lucky enough to attend The Kosher Food and Wine Experience for the past three years, and it’s always a fun experience. Last year the food really didn’t blow me away and I wasn’t sure I would attend again this year, but I decided to give it one more chance and I was not […]

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Jezebel, SOHO, NY [Review]

For years, my wife and I would travel the world, ogle funky non-kosher restaurants, and wish that such a place would exist kosher, and in NYC. Well, such a place has arrived in Jezebel. We were invited by one of the owners, Henry, to dine and experience Jezebel for ourselves. Located in trendy Soho on West […]

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Amsterdam Burger Co, New York [Guest Review]

Review by Evan N. Majzner Most people are cynics as they try a new kosher restaurant. After years of culinary persecution, we have come to expect mediocre food, long waits and poor (read: rude) service.  Well, alas, the Upper West Side has a new restaurant that will restore your faith in the Kosher American dining […]

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Shilo’s Steak House in Los Angeles, CA [Guest Review]

I went with a group of friends to Shilo’s in LA on Xmas day. The place was packed. I think the (edited) email I sent the restaurant afterwards, below, tells the rest of the story. My wife and I just came back from the West Coast and thought we’d try something new when we met […]

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JEM’s Beer Factory in Petach Tikvah, Israel [Review]

It is not often as a kosher consumer that you experience a unique kosher eating experience. Although there is more and more innovation in the kosher restaurant business, there are still plenty of subpar kosher places where adding a sushi menu is seen as innovative and are mostly frequented for the sheer ease and comfort […]

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Flying @AmericanAir is the Pits, Upgrade to El Al if you can

After booking the really cheap fares to Israel this past summer via El Al, I decided to upgrade our first leg to Israel to a direct flight on El Al, instead of a stopover in both directions. Coming home, we flew Swiss Air to Zurich, and American Airlines to JFK. The 4 hour flight from […]

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Review of Biaggi Luggage + Discount Code

After spending 2 full weeks in Israel with my wife and son, all I can say is that I’m glad that the luggage I was testing (for this review) was from Biaggi. We decided that since we were renting a car for the entire trip it was smarter to bring our car seat for both […]

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Prime at the Bentley, NYC [Guest Review]

Review by Moshe B. I recently had the opportunity of dining with a colleague at Prime @ the Bentley. Walking into the restaurant we were impressed by the thoughtful decor and stunning views. Upon the servers recommendation we both ordered the Bentley Rack & fries on the side. We were surprised when our food was brought out […]

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“Village Green” in Jerusalem [Review]

Text and photos by @AmySpiro, Israel correspondent People regularly ask me for restaurant recommendations for a birthday or romantic date in Jerusalem, or what my favorite eatery is. But I almost never answer, or give them the answer they’re looking for, for two reasons. Firstly, I cook at home much more than I eat out, […]

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The Hester: A Unique Kosher Experience in Brooklyn, NY [Review]

Review by @ArielleKlein I love to eat and I love new experiences. Most kosher eating experiences are the same; a new place opens up, we try it out, food is anywhere from decent to amazing, service generally sucks, and as for ambiance, it often doesn’t exist. Overall, apart from some restaurants with fabulous food, the […]

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“Babette”: A Waffle House in Jerusalem [Review]

By @AmySpiro, Israel correspondent I have a soft spot for restaurants that serve basically just one type of food (see Pasta Basta, for example). I guess it is because I assume that if you specialize in just one food, you must be pretty good at it. (I have since been proved wrong on this, but […]

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David InterContinental Hotel Tel Aviv “Aubergine” Restaurant [Review] (and other recommendations)

Review & Photos by Hillel Fuld (@HilzFuld) So the David InterContinental Hotel Tel Aviv invited us to experience the hotel restaurant last night and give them my opinion on the new menu. Having visited the hotel before, I had high expectations, very high. But nothing prepared me for what I found when I got there. […]

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Sharon Woods Inn Kosher Bed and Breakfast [Review]

Contributed By: Hannah Dayan | Travel date May 2011 Last year just as I was about to start my third trimester, I decided that my husband and I needed a Babymoon before the two of us became the three of us. We were on a fairly tight budget and I wasn’t particularly interested in boarding […]

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Kotel Kosher, Downtown Chicago [Review]

  [Guest Review by Chicago native, Daniel Peikes] Kotel Kosher: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly There is a new lunch spot for the kosher professional in downtown Chicago.  Kotel Kosher opened with much fanfare on March 15th in the French Market under Ogilvie Transportation Center, a main train station where many Jews travel […]

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In Israel: Burger King > McDonald’s > Burger Ranch [Opinion]

I know. Burger King hasn't been in Israel in nearly 2 years since the Israeli burger chain, Burger Ranch (pronounced Booger R'aanch by Israelis), bought out BK in 2010, which was sad because I LOVED Burger King on Ben Yehuda 10+ years ago when I studied in Israel. Last year on my visit to Israel, […]

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Review of “Basil” in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

After many months pushing off dining at Basil, and after spending a Shabbat in Crown Heights, I was excited to finally try the restaurant Motzei Shabbat, only to find out they were temporarily closed due to a gas leak. Luckily, a week later we were invited by fellow foodie friends to join them at Basil […]

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A Review of “Pasta Basta” in Jerusalem, Israel

Article and photos by @AmySpiro, Israel correspondent There are many restaurants that get their clientele from their locations on main thoroughfares. But it’s the ones hidden away from the public eye – and heard about by way of mouth – that often have the tastiest fare. Such is the case with Pasta Basta, a tiny hole-in-the-wall […]

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A Review of “The Upper Crust” in the 5 Towns, NY

  Review by Arielle Klein It seems that restaurants come and go rather quickly. In place of what used to be "Fusion Toast", which came and went without my ever even setting foot in the place – is now a new restaurant called "The Upper Crust". Luckily this time I was able to get in […]

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A Review of “Carmel” in Milan, Italy [Guest Review]

Review submitted by Simone Somekh from Milan   How many times, eating pizza in the USA, have we wondered how does the original Italian one actually taste? Thanks to Carmel, the best kosher pizzeria in Milan, Italy, now we won’t have to daydream anymore. Carmel is a well presented restaurant in the Jewish area of the […]

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A Review of “Toast” in Woodland Hills, CA

Review submitted by Estee C.     Address: 15001 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA When did it open: 2 months ago Ambiance: Cool, valley chic. Light colors, modern fixings. Beautiful out door seating option. Upscale, trendy, super clean, but has a warm vibe. You feel very valued as a customer and welcome in this place. […]

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A Review of “Burgers” in Cedarhurst, NY (5 Towns)

  Over the past 2 weeks I have eaten at "Burgers" (formerly Burgers Bar) twice, with 2 different results. Firstly, it's worth noting that the place looks nearly identical to Burgers Bar, that nary a item has been changed to the restaurant, which is fine, other than the menu board.   The positive things I […]

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A Review of Pardes Restaurant, Downtown Brooklyn, NY

For a special treat, I decided to buy tickets to a Sheakspeare play, Richard III, at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) in Downtown Brooklyn (starring Kevin Spacey), for my 5 year Anniversary with my wife. I also knew that we would have the opportunity to finally try Pardes, which we've heard many good things about.  […]

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A Review of Bravo Pizza on Broadway, NYC

Contributed by Estee Lavitt (@EsteeLavitt)   I went to Bravo Pizza a few weeks ago. The pizza was delicious but the service was really not up to par. The store itself is pretty small. The staff was very friendly and nice, but unfortunately a little slow and unable to handle the crowd. I don't think […]

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Tasting the Restaurants at KFWE (Kosher Food & Wine Experience)

Heading into my second year attending KFWE (the Kosher Food & Wine Experience), I was excited for a night of good food and good people. Many others were also excited by the huge selection of kosher wines from around the world, but not being a wine aficionado myself, I left the wine tasting to the […]

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Ahuva’s Grill Opens in Hewlett, NY (5 Towns) [Review]

On Monday night, my wife and I tried the brand new Ahuva's Grill in Hewlett (5 Towns) which just opened last week in the Peninsula Shopping Center, a few stores down from Bagel Boss. Upon entering we were greeted by the friendly young wait staff. The restaurant is a casual dining atmosphere, with many Israeli […]

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Seventeen Restaurant (17), Miami Beach, FL [Review]

Seventeen is one of only a few kosher restaurants in South Beach, but it not too far from the Kosher hub of Miami Beach only 24 blocks north. The restaurant was formerly Tfor2 (originally from Brooklyn), and many of the remnants from that restaurant remain, including signs and items on the menu (like a Kings […]

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