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9 Common Kosher Traveler Questions Answered

The following questions were tackled by OU’s Kashrut team (of 5 rabbis), and includes some of our notes within.   Q: Can one eat in an ice cream or yogurt store product that has been scooped from a container that bears […]

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Are Soda & Other Soft Drinks from Europe Kosher?

KNOW WHAT’S IN YOUR DRINK! We often receive emails about products overseas that we in the US, Canada, and Israel take for granted as being kosher. Sometimes it requires us to do some investigative work / asking various kashrut agencies […]

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Who is Responsible for the Kashrut of a Restaurant’s Sukkah?

It seems that most of the major kosher supervision agencies are taking responsibility for the kashrut of the Sukkot outside of the kosher restaurants that they supervise. (A list of kosher restaurants with sukkot will be published shortly). @YeahThatsKosher great […]

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Q: Are GLATT KOSHER Meals Necessary on El Al Flights?

Recently, there were numerous conversations that took place on Facebook asking “Is Glatt Kosher necessary on El Al?” The question is an interesting one considering that ALL the food on El Al is supposedly kosher. I recently flew El Al (in […]

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Pesach Checklist – What Every Traveler Should Do Before Leaving Home Prior to Passover Vacation

The following was originally published in the COR’s Pesach Guide 2013. Below is a list that addresses common scenarios for those people who are not staying home for the Pesach holiday. AT YOUR PRIMARY RESIDENCE: If leaving more than 30 days […]

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EL AL Price Glitch: Jewish Ethics & Halachic Perspectives

Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing many points of view and articles regarding Jews taking advantage of a Jewish company's mistake in the EL AL price glitch ordeal earlier this month. I agree, that ethically or morally, […]

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Travel Conundrum: Violate Shabbat or Cause a Chilul Hashem?

This week’s (Sept 24, 2011) NY Times Magazine “Ethicist” article dealt with an inherently difficult Jewish Travel issue: potentially break Shabbat or cause a chilul Hashem (desicration of G-d’s name — or more practically: make Jews & Judaism look really […]

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