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99¢ California Rolls @ Pitopia in Midtown, NYC- Today Only!

Print this coupon below or show on your phone to get up to two California Rolls for 99¢ at Pitopita in Midtown Manhattan. This is a new offering for the restaurant and is made onsite. View Larger Map

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EL AL Faux Pas: Serving MEAT Meals During the 9 Days

One of our avid readers arrived yesterday at JFK airport in NYC for her flight to Israel on El Al Airlines. She asked the check-in desk attendants about the kosher meals in-flight and was informed that her meal (and her friend's meal) was in fact a fleishig (meat) meal. While this may not be […]

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Traveling & Eating Out During the 9 Days

Having just got back from a 4+ day trip to Montreal, I can say that there are definite pros and cons to traveling to a new city during the 9 Days… especially a city with numerous kosher restaurants. While I wouldn't have a chance to try the meat delicacies their restaurants had to offer during […]

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9 DAYS: Open Meat Restaurants With Pareve Menus

We all know that Dairy Kosher restaurants will be open during the 9 Days, but what about those meaty fleishig places we all love? Well, the smart ones have developed a heavy fish / vegetarian / sushi menu to occupy your wallets. Here’s a list of the MEAT places open with special 9 Days menus:

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Requesting a Special “9 Days” Meals While Traveling

Starting this Sunday night (July 31st, 2011) the custom is to refrain from eating meat during the Nine Days of Av (except on Shabbat). According to the Beth Din of Johannesburg, “those who do not wish to eat meat in their kosher airline meals, must specifically request a kosher fish meal – most airlines will […]

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