Masago Asian Fusion, 5 Towns, NY (Review)

I recently took my wife for a date night and we ended up at the new Masago Asian Fusion in Woodmere, NY (5 Towns). From the outside, the restaurant is a striking bright red, which I found refreshing for a kosher restaurant. The multiple glass doors were kept open due to the beautiful weather, giving the restaurant a more inviting experience.

Inside, the restaurant has a modern feel, with white leather, gray stone, and bright blue accent lighting.

The menu is a robust pan-Asian offering with dishes from Japan, China, Thailand, and other east Asian cuisines. While it is an upscale restaurant (relatively speaking) there are affordable options as well, including a 3 sushi roll combo platter for $14.95. We tried their 3-fish roll, Salmon/Mango roll, and a Whitefish tempura roll (similar to a Boston roll but with fish). All were fresh and quite good.

In addition to the sushi, we also tried the Malaysian Chicken entree, which was delicious. It had the perfect balance of good texture and flavor which wasn’t too strong.

My main complaints with the restaurant were with the organization of the waitstaff & busboys. Our water was refilled by removing our glasses from the table, our sushi and hot chicken entree were brought out simultaneously, and the waiter was almost a bit too friendly (he shook my hand … I was waiting for him to friend me on Facebook). Since this is a new restaurant I’ll give them a little slack, but this is something that the proprietors of the restaurant should fix.

Overall, the food we tried was good and the atmosphere is definitely appropriate for a date, meeting, a group of friends, or even a sheva brachot (which was taking place when we were there).

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  • Jessica


  • Hindy Garfinkel

    The sushi looks fantastic! Will have to check it out next time i am in the area.

  • Ronnie Fein

    I love the spices in Malaysian cooking. Sounds like a nice and varied choice of foods.

  • Thejewishhostess

    we love to hear about new kosher restaurants that take us out of Brooklyn!

  • Sarah Klinkowitz

    Will have to tell my family in FR to try this out

  • melindakitchentested

    I just heard that the sushi at Masago is incredible! They still haven’t added the fusion part but I guess I should go try the sushi :)

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