Sabra Pizza in 5 Towns to Close

Last updated: February 5, 2013

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20130205-094249.jpgAfter 41 years serving the 5 Towns Jewish community on Central Ave (and thousands of HAFTR students), Sabra Pizza will be closing it’s doors on Feb 18th, 2013.

Not long after Ruthie’s, next door, closed and became incorporated into the Sabra restaurant, the largest of the area’s kosher pizza shops will be gone.

Remaining on Central Ave are other longstanding kosher pizza shops: David’s Famous, Jerusalem, and Shula’s.

Having been a mainstay in the community for decades, please comment below with your thoughts and memories of Sabra.


(H/T to @DuviStahler)


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  • Hindy Garfinkel

    Wow! They’ve been around forever! Sad to see them close!

  • melindakitchentested

    This is so sad! They’ve been around for so long and are a part of Central Avenue’s history now. I will miss their delicious spinach pizza and vegetable soup :(

  • Scott Feltman

    First King David and now Sabra. Mainstays of our community landscape. Very sad.

    • Dani Klein

      King David has been bad for a long time. Good riddance.

  • Viktoria Pinto

    Baruch hashem! That place was disgusting….

  • This American Bite

    It’s always sad to see a community staple close it’s doors.

  • Jamie Geller

    I am totally beside myself!!! we loved their pizza in fact they had the BEST ziti pizza made with vodka sauce – WHY OH WHY? I am really sad

  • Efrat Lamdan

    I worked at Ruthies for 3 years. I was sad to hear that Ruthie passed away and that her family decided to close the business. It was great place to work and eat.

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